Childcare by Faith - "Supporting Families is Our Business"
Our mission is to develop a nurturing and consistent relationship with your child and your family. 
                                                                                          Childcare by Faith strives to offer a safe, nurturing,  
FUN RELATIONSHIP, where your child will get the individual attention and care that he or she needs in your home.   We strive to offer care that focuses on optimum individual and social-emotional development.  
Many people believe childcare is just "watching kids".  For us, this is not the case. Childcare by Faith gives you the best of all worlds:  the knowledge, resourcefulness and adaptability of a teacher, the nurturing and listening ear of a mom and the familiarity and trust of your home environment.  This combination allows for further enrichment in social interactions in small group dynamics when we visit other play groups and events.  One on one care means time to personally get to know your child and their unique needs. Check out this website for further details about toys & playgrounds.
It's like having a Nanny, Teacher and a Center
 all rolled into one!
We are also members of the NAEYC and NAFCC.  We are CPR and First Aid certified.
With Childcare by Faith, your child participates in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day.  We interact with other children in different environments to allow your child to not only be guided by us, but also by their peers.  Small group interaction as consistent playdates and visits to different venues allows for an independent, responsive, expressive and engaged child.  We strive to visit environments that are especially designed for infants and toddlers and is updated according to their individual interests and needs as they grow.
A basic routine of free & directed play (also known as learning) mixed with nutritionally balanced meals, potty training/diapering, and naps occurs during the day.  We use Creative Curriculum as a means of assessing development and also to guide emergent learning experiences.  Some special times include:
  • Story Time (my personal favorite!)
  • Cooking (We like cozing up to the counter and making yummy treats like cupcakes and cookies!) 
  • Puzzles and Games (Ever jump up and down on a red square with a two year old? OH BOY!  Big Fun!  Plus we're learning color recognition (cognitive) and developing gross motor skills!  Makes you hungry too! YUM!)
  • Arts and Crafts (Yeah love this part too!  How will your child decorate their crinkly butterfly?)
  • Music Movement (We enjoy all types of music and invite you to share your family favorites with us!  Who would have thought that your kids like ZZTop, Imagination Movers, High School Musical, Salsa and Bachata?)
  • Field Trips: Oak Park Library, WonderWorks, Brookfield Zoo, Our wonderful local Parks and whatever else our little family is into.
  • Language Development: We regularly use Spanish, Sign Language and even some Babble-English to improve our language skills.
With Childcare by Faith:
"We plan your child's days according to your
child's interests, not ours."
You can rest assured that your child will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love and respect. We believe all children are precious gifts and we treat them as though they are our own. We are not watching your kids, we are actively engaging them in play, and learning about the wonders of the world with them.
  • Education background and professional development
  • Competitive rates to nanny's and centers
  • Play environment that grows with your child's focus
  • Child developmental assessments for 0 - 2 
  • Focus on social and emotional group dynamics
  • Full-time and part-time schedules available
  • Extended PM sitter hours (ie date nights!) available
  • And of course: A thousand kisses*
"Play is Children's Work."
Maria Montessori
Early Childhood Educator & Theorist
Copyright 2012